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I am Callum Hall and until recently I was an extremely fit and healthy 20 year old. In late September 2012 I was diagnosed with having a rare infection called an epidural abscess on my spine at level T6 ( in between my shoulder blades). This abscess burst and damaged my spinal cord causing me to be paralysed from the chest down. I underwent life-saving surgery in Leeds General infirmary, which removed the abscess and have been undergoing treatment to remove the rest of the infection from my spinal cord however the paralysis still remains.

Since early December 2012 I have been able to wiggle a few toes and I am beginning to move my abdominal muscles. I have accepted the process is going to take time but I am determined to prove the Doctors wrong who said I have a small chance of being able to walk again. However, to do this I need equipment not found in hospitals and top of the range wheelchairs to use while training in Sports and potentially being involved in Rio 2016 Paralympics (well, I may as well help out team GB while I’m able to).

I need a piece of equipment called an “Easy Stand” which helps me stand on my feet and aims to connect the brain back to the legs. Another piece of equipment I need is an FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) bike which helps to get my leg muscles working again.

My aim is to raise as much money as possible for continuing physio, equipment and care. The reason for the urgency is that I am predicted up to a year and a half of recovery time from a spinal cord injury. There is still time and hope…but I will need financial help in order to get the right equipment, physio and resources I need to walk.

This website is currently brief and in progress, it will eventually have full background detail on “Epidural Abscesses”, myself and my progress as well as information on up and coming fundraising events. In the meantime there is a link below which enables you to donate money to my Trust to help get me walking!! Any surplus funds raised will be used to help other people and charities fundraising for similar causes.

Please get in touch to help with any fundraising, donations, or information regarding any other equipment that might help get me back on my feet and walking!!

If you'd like to contact me, my email is:

Thanks in advance!